Montag, 25. März 2013


Hello and welcome to my blog.
 after I read a blog from a friend of mine i decided to start my own one.
I don't really think, that anyone will read it but i think it will be fun.
I don't know what I will post on here, but it will be whatever comes to my mind. and excuse me if my english isn't perfect. English isn't my first language and i am trying to improve. So please always tell me if i make mistakes.
and well that is me. just thought i should tell you who i am.
currently i am on spring break so i do have a lot of time to blog and i will. 
here are some pictures that have inspired me lately. :)


 I am excited for summer. finally there was sun outside today. it was still really cold but i got a glimps of how it will be. and i love sommer. it's my favourite season


have you seen Selena Gomez's style lately? I adore her new style. It's awesome.

I hope you are kind of interested in reading more.
lots of love

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